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blackops4.jpgBlack Ops 4. C++ and game scripting. More info to come later.
starcitizen.jpgStar Citizen is a first person space simulation MMO providing ship and squad combat experiences, where battles can happen anywhere at any time. I handled player rotation and movement, including making CryEngine support zero- gravity player movement. Implemented magnetic boots (internally praised by Crytek) for walking up/down/around arbitrary surfaces. Initially hooked up all weapons and gadgets. Created grapple beam gadget with impulses to cancel extra velocity, speed player towards a wall, and slow them down before hitting it. Revamped weapon sway, extending it as player sway, from which I created procedural helmet sway to replace animation based helmet movement. I also worked on networked ladder use.
troveps4.jpgTrove is a voxel dungeon and building MMO with crafting. We ported Trove from PC to XBox One and PS4. I helped out a lot on porting the UI and helping get Iggy Flash and Actionscript lib to work for our needs. Setup images inline with text, and worked around weird Iggy Flash quirks. I worked with a designer on setting up the control scheme, configurable control schemes via ini, and simple aim assist for enemy/shootable targetting.
vrideo.jpgVrideo. Created prototype C++ HTTP video & audio streamer plugin with FFmpeg on Win32, and made sure it worked with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Created C++ HTTP video & audio streamer wrapper for PS4 that could play 4k up to 60fps while fighting Unity for CPU and graphics memory, and made sure it worked with the PlayStation VR.
cars-hotshot-racing-screenshot.jpgCars: Hotshot Racing is a Java 1.2 game for Android and flip phones.
ice_age_village.pngIce Age Village is a freemium city builder for iOS with social integration. I added seamless GL Live log-in, integrated GL Live 2 since other coders were having problems, and added a monetary mini-game called Swipe to Collect. I also ported my dynamic sprite loading/unloading from Cosmic Colony to Ice Age to help with memory leaks and better control total memory usage. I was in charge of building Asian fonts, and at some point was in charge of building/uploading mandatory DLC, and managed one of our DLC releases, including doing QA and Gold builds for the App store.
cosmic_colony.pngCosmic Colony is a freemium city builder for iOS with social integration. I was in charge of the tutorial system and tutorials, created the animated tutorial texts with useful timing tweaks to create an interesting flow, packing and hooking in sounds, modifying our game data tool in Action Script 3, and added a promo screen for cross game promotions and new items. I created the initial planetary select screen (which was scrapped in favor of copying Angry Birds in Space planet select style screen) and setup the monetary space missions lottery system. Was in charge of performance improvements, fixing memory leaks, added dynamic loading/unloading of sprites. The work I put into Cosmic Colony made it perform better than Ice Age, which shared a year old code base; the improvements made don't even exist yet in the modern Ice Age release ( May 2013 ), and likely won't for some time.
oregon_trail_american_settler.pngOregon Trail American Settlers is a freemium city builder for iOS with limited social integration. I helped the game get to Gold, doing gameplay programming, fixing quest and tutorial bugs, adding new quests, working with our game data tool, game testing, etc.
club_penguin.pngClub Penguin: Herbert's Revenge is a fun point and click puzzle game, modeled after the online version. Programmed a lot of story sequences and puzzles, added a scripting queue system, and fixed bugs.
world_of_zoo.pngWorld of Zoo is a zoo sim for kids. I fixed bugs, created a crocodile tooth brushing mini-game (which is pictured on the back cover), worked on the toy placement/throwing mechanics and physics, etc.

Worked On:

firefall.jpgFirefall was an ambitious free-to-play open world MMO shooter. I had a late start on this project: we were working to launch it into the Chinese market, eventually PS4, and things happened. The last feature I was working on was a time dilation bubble, which was pretty cool.
[Discontinued game name here] was to be a freemium city builder with some adventure elements for iOS with heavy social integration. I was heading up a 2.5D game using Gameloft's 3D engine, hooking in new libs as we needed them for Win32 and iOS, maintaining device builds (making sure iOS project worked on a regular basis with the heavy changes), and I setup a Python driven data pipeline. We were handling gigabytes of data and the pipeline built faster than Ice Age's, which was only using hundreds of megabytes of data. So, I was in charge of systems and tools, and incrementally improving the pipeline as I saw a need. I setup our patching system to be script driven so patching would be quick and relatively easy; up until this project, patching on the Macs was manually and painfully done. I was working on post effects, implemented a lens flare, and working on re-writing our post effects system for easily adding many effects, and so we could enable/disable depending on platform capabilities/performance. I fixed the level editor to work with the newest version of Gameloft's engine, and even setup the game to load a level straight from the level editor using networking. Unfortunately the game was canceled, so I can't give much details. But I invested a lot of time and effort in it, and want to mention it.
Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks. This studio worked on lots of titles, so it wasn't uncommon to have people like myself help out where help was needed. The one thing I can remember, I worked on the advanced unlockable, Master Controls.
Style Lab: Jewelry Design. This studio worked on lots of titles, so it wasn't uncommon to have people like myself help out where help was needed.